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Results-Driven Personal Training Concepts

Greg Peck is a 60-year-old health and fitness professional working in Manhattan. He has trained hundreds of individuals both healthy and with various health issues. He has been an avid participant in exercise for over forty years. Utilizing his vast experience, he motivates his clients to maximize their performance levels and obtain their desired results.


"Using his sensitivity, intelligence and razor-sharp focus, Greg zeros in on the particular needs of each client, in order to design a workout program that not only challenges their self-imposed boundaries and physical limitations, but also changes their thinking about exercise forever." -Ronnie B.

"It's been completely rewarding to train with someone with such focus, drive and skill...but it's more than just a workout. Greg Peck helps you transform not only your physical being but also your mind. He exudes positive energy and is so motivating that you feel that you are fearless." -Yvette S.

"Greg Peck helped me achieve my fitness and strength goals. Even more, he was able to move me past a place I frankly thought was unattainable." -Jim W.


About the Website is a reference source for basic facts about fitness and nutrition. There will be weekly updates. We will also feature different personal trainers for hire and the different techniques they utilize to achieve results for their clients.

About Greg's latest book, Exercise For The Mind, Body and Soul: Pathway to a better life.

Good health is something you cannot buy, but you can certainly earn. How? Through exercise. EXERCISE FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL emphasizes the importance of how exercise can invigorate your physical as well as mental well-being. By taking time-honored phrases such as "No pain, no gain" and "The world is your oyster," this book methodically navigates you down the path of personal enrichment.











About Greg's latest book, Exercise With The Stars: Maximize Your Star Power.

EXERCISE WITH THE STARS is a mixture of truth, fun and insight about individuals born under each sun sign and their approaches to exercise. What physical activities are best for your sun sign? Should you be dancing your way to better shape? How about racquet sports? Should you be a gym person, or are outdoor activities better suited to your nature? Who are your best workout partners? What secrets lurk in the mind of your sun sign? What famous athletic persons share your sun sign? EXERCISE WITH THE STARS navigates these waters and more.

Greg is available for speaking engagements as well as personal training.